Who are we?

´We are “Sina Teb Iranian Anil”. The beginning of our service to you can be from the day of harvest, cleaning and packaging until you buy a special Essence, essential oil, Extract, saffron or 11 types of medicinal and Aromatic Herb plants from our online store. It will be pursued as well as when you might intend to experience a wider and more exciting chain and then export your product comfortably to China and Europe with the help of us, from A to Z. The company is consisted of three units called “production and Farming”, “ Processing industries” and       “ Global Marketing and international Missions”.

´We are here to ease your mind from buying at farm, preparation, Cost-effective modern Processing and also packing to warehousing, finding a Cash Customer, negotiation, make currency remittances, Customs and safe Transportation of the order to your destination, as soon as possible. In Iran, we can cultivate the desired product (or your product) in excellent agricultural lands with modern technology and then transport to the destination address to any city of the world also. We have Four, active offices abroad in China, France, Emirate and Azerbaijan, thus it would better to feel free count on us to sell your Medicinal or Aromatic Herbal plants as a raw material (or it’s extract) worldwide or in international exhibitions on your behalf.

´This means you can rest easy. Our company has a body of industrial managers with more than 11 years of experience in large factories, saffron trade and medicinal plants business and also has a huge investment power to create job. If you need saffron, industrial Herbal or Aromatic plants or even nuts in Iran, you can buy from us in any season and receive it in less than a week. Our company has strong trading partners in France and England in the field of production of herbal medicines and natural supplements.

´Sina Teb CO. is also trying to establish a shopping market with a young, hard-working and creative team, by eliminating the middleman for the purchase of these local Medicinal and Aromatic Herb plants between the farmer and the end consumer (Factories, Institutions, Brands and etc.). Notably, on the other hand, we intend to invest in producing the highest quality extracts and the plant-based industrial essential oils with modern machinery and modern technology hugely. We are determined to take a lasting step towards raising Iran’s profile and creating more and more jobs. Participating with industrial partners outside Iran and inside Iran, We are ready, willing and able to set up a long-term cooperation with Brands in the form of a Buyback contract, in production of the highest quality extracts.

´We always welcome to join recognized Brands and invite new people with surprising abilities work with us. So join us and enjoy a memorable working experience. The highest profit in any international cooperation between countries is confidence!

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The main processes in Sina Teb Iranian Anil are:

´1. Supply the product directly from farmers without the presence of any broker

´2. Processing and packaging according to international standards

´3- Distribution in domestic and international markets under the name of farmers

´4- Providing advice and extension technical services to farmers

´5. Health, social, economic and cultural development of partner villages

´6- Research and development on new packaging methods

´7- Research and development on processing new products with the aim of reducing raw material sales

´8- Providing participation profits to farmers