Buyback contract

The Corporation is consisted of three units called “production and Farming”, “ Processing industries” and “ Global Marketing and international Missions”.

Notably, on the other hand, we intend to invest in producing the highest quality extracts and the plant-based industrial essential oils with modern machinery and modern technology hugely. We are determined to take a lasting step towards raising Iran’s profile and creating more and more jobs. Participating with industrial partners outside Iran and inside Iran, We are ready, willing and able to set up a long-term cooperation with Brands in the form of a Buyback contract, in production of the highest quality extracts.

You can think of transferring on of your production centers to Iran where the cost of Electricity, Work Force and etc. is terrifically equals to 0.1 of the Europe with trade supports and consultancy of the company. What is the other way? We would send you the raw material and you pick up the processed Essence partially instead of the cash!