Caraway is one of the native plants of Asia that is used in a variety of foods due to its unique flavor. The seeds of this plant are excellent for cooking and that is why it is used widely in Indian, German and Russian dishes. The old birthplace of Caraway is Kerman province in Iran, where the black variety has been grown too since last centuries.

It grows mostly on the banks of rivers and its cultivation does not require much water. If this plant is added to cheese, it will increase the storage power of the cheese and make the cheese fragrant. Traditional medicine tells us that Caraway strengthens the stomach and liver, treats constipation and increases breastfeeding.

Black Caraway has a significant effect on thyroid hormone secretions and increases the amount of secretions. Therefore, it is very useful for people who suffer from hypothyroidism. But people who are thin and have a thyroid should not overdo it, because they suffer from hyperthyroidism.

Caraway has been widely used among people since ancient times. Rural people say that gargling boiled water and Caraway in the mouth relieves toothache. Finally, Caraway can be ground and added to a variety of foods, yogurt and soups, cumin can also be used as a drink.

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