´Chamomile has been used since ancient times. Chamomile is a wonderful plant; It strengthens the nerves and its tea helps you to sleep comfortably!

´One of the most important properties of chamomile is strengthening the stomach, treating stomach ulcers, heartburn and gastritis, and this plant easily cures this disease. This plant is not only useful for strengthening the immune system and eliminating infections caused by colds, but you can also apply chamomile oil to relieve back pain, joint pain and gout. If you suffer from skin diseases, chamomile essential oil mixed with almond oil is useful for skin disorders such as eczema, urticaria and itching.

´Chamomile cures menstrual cramps and relieves menstrual cramps. It effectively treats headaches and migraines. Give children chamomile tea to relieve pain when teething. Decoction or soaking of chamomile flowers is a general tonic for the body, especially the stomach, and also eliminates bloating of the stomach             and intestines.

In addition, its decoction and tincture are widely used to soften, shine and color hair. According to an academic study, the symptoms of high blood sugar as well as the growth and progression of diabetes can be effectively treated with a few bags of chamomile tea And because of these extraordinary and extensive properties, it has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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