Damask rose

Damask rose or Mohammadi flower is a perennial shrub with a height of one to two meters. In traditional medicine, it is believed to be an ancient plant, it has a very long history in Iran, the country has been the main producer of this flower Essence throughout the world since the 16th century.

The production of one liter of rose essential Essence requires the use of four tons of petals of the flower and it is therefore a very expensive product. Species of roses are also cultivated in Turkey and Morocco, but in terms of commercial quality and scientific analysis, they can not compete with Mohammadi flowers in Iran.

The most commonly applied medicinal uses of Mohammadi Flower in traditional medicine have been so indicated to treat chest or abdominal pain, digestive problems, heart strengthening, neck-specific problems and menstrual problems. Essential oil soaps, creams and lotions of this flower prepare and moisturize the skin, which is useful for sensitive skin such as baby skin and is effective in removing skin wrinkles, moisturizing and treating skin inflammation.

The extract of this fragrant flower is also utilized as a reliable conditioner for the hair and thickens the hair. By smelling the boiled water & Mohammadi flower, the bad breathing difficulty disappears effectievly. The exceptional perfume and cologne of this plant has long been known to perfume companies finally

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