Ferula gummosa

This plant grows in the central and northeastern mountainous regions of Iran. By cutting a thin layer from this root, a gum-like liquid comes out, like milk color, which changes the color to yellow and then red over time.

Today, Ferula gummosa or Barijeh is mostly used as a flavoring in food products such as non-alcoholic beverages and meat products or as a flavoring. According to farmers, the consumption of barijeh plant by domestic animals has effected in their milk production. The most common use of barijeh in the perfume industry is in the production of stabilizers (fixators) and the production of expensive adhesives.

Barijeh is widely used in the preparation of perfumes and colognes in different countries of the world. Barijeh is an important substance in stabilizing perfumes and is also used in cosmetics. Barijeh industrially is being purchased in the preparation of a special adhesive (diamond adhesive).

It has been traditionally utilized as an antiseptic, anti-cold, anti-seizure, anti-spasm, and anti-inflammatory, and its low consumption in traditional medical applications relieves pain  since last centuries worldwide! The Martindell reference book mentions it’s antispasmodic, expectorant and carminative effects and introduces its main use in the food industry as a flavoring and aromatizer.

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