Investment in Industrial Park

Essence, Extract and Essential oils are of the key products of Herbs trade. Industrial parks of Iran strongly welcome and support corporations willing to widely set up a multinational brand with aim of running a business in Essence and Essential oils of the Herbs. You are financially, legally, commercially welcomed here since the industrial park is home of group of pioneers like you and lot’s of job opportunities are created mutually following this decision.
The production and consumption of medicinal and Herbal Aromatic plants in the world has increased from 14 billion in 2002 to 124 billion $ in 2017, and according to the World Health Organization, it will reach 5,000 billion $ in 2050.

The export of medicinal plants in Iran in 1997 was about 570 million dollars, which shows an increase of 120 million dollars compared to the export of these products in 1996 with a figure of 450 million dollars. In 1998, these exports reached 800 million dollars, just when raw packaging was predominated, despite the fact that the origin of many important types of medicinal plants, including Damask rose, Saffron, Ferula gummosa, Ferula assa-foetida, and Licorice., is Iran