lemon balm or Melissa Officinalis

This plant has been used until the Middle Age, especially for the treatment of dangerous animal venom, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing appetite, hypnotism, reducing pain and healing indigestion.

These plants grew near beehives to encourage bees to return to their hives. Strengthens the health of the immune system and the cell membrane wall. Insulin resistance is one of the most common problems faced by people with diabetes in the United States. According to research conducted so far in universities and research centers, the positive effect of this plant on blood sugar has been confirmed.

This plant helps to strengthen the memory and functions of the brain and has shown a positive effect on the process of treating stroke. This plant is very effective in softening the skin and reducing wrinkles to a minimum, and according to the results of global tests, it helped with type 2 diabetes, by lowering blood sugar levels in mice.

Lemongrass causes insomnia in 85% of people with anxiety and sleep disorders Improved. In terms of chemical composition, the green limbs of this plant contain substances such as oleic acid, citral, geraniol and rosemary acid. This plant contains volatile essential oil, which is a rich source of citral. In Spain, lemon balm leaves are added to salad dressings, and fresh leaves are mixed with regular tea to make a pleasant drink.

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