BetterYou Company

BetterYou is a knowledge-based international healthcare company founded in the UK in 2006 to produce the vitamins and natural supplements the body needs, which are almost neglected in today’s life. These vitamins and supplements are plant-based and their unique feature is that they are absorbed as a spray and bypassing the digestive system through the nose or mouth directly, and therefore have a very high nutritional value. #healthcare

Sina Teb Iranian Anil Company entered this growing industry in 2016 as a member of BetterYou, Officially getting required national licenses  from the Food & Drug organization and Customs of Iran.

BetterYou’s 24-hour efforts in science development and knowledge-based research have led it to partner with the world’s best research institutes, including Cardiff, Ulster and Sheffield Universities, St Mark Hospital in London and the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust.

With each new innovation, we and BetterYou continue to strive to meet the growing nutritional needs of our customers. Providing scientifically formulated products that are produced from the highest quality herbal raw materials and also have the most effective and convenient methods for delivery, with Ocean Waste Plastic packaging standard.