Herb Supply Chain, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

“Customer service should not be a department. It should be the #Entire Company.” E.A. Ebadi – CEO of SinaTeb multinational corporation.

-Hi everyone, It is very good to present you one another customer service of ours once again. You all have the address of our France, China and Oman office and soon India, Venezuela and Nigeria will be added to this list so that more and more people would go the office directly (where the products are presented) and could use from local sale and after sales services.

One point I would like to draw your attention when intending to use the customer service of our official contract management agents/representatives is You have this full authority to determine every single detail !

What is posted at our Excel file and shared quotations is just the average FOB cost of the basic quality. For instance if you are wondering now to ask us a quotation for 20Tons of Date, you would have determined before the #Kind (We have 7 types of Date among traders ourselves), #Grade of the Quality (Whether Super A+, Grade 1 or finally Grade 2) and preferably picture. Altogether, they would set a price.

Have a good winter friends,
M. Mahdi Malakouti
IBM of SinaTeb

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