Slide Our Target in 2021 Concentration on the offer of manufacturing a Common Product with Brands in " Food & Leather-Textile & Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical & Health " industry internationally.
Our target in contacting brands (not product importers necessarily) is factories consume Herbs, Herbal Essential Oils, Organic Essences and Edible Crops ( Sesame, Pistachio, Raisin, Rice, and etc.) as raw material regularly.
We intend to assist them in Sale/Creative packaging ourselves too.
Do you usually import the raw materials ?
Wonderful !!!
1/4 Our Traget 2021
Slide Better Health ,
Better Life.
Global Training, Local Benefits 2/4
Slide Saffron (Crocus sativus) from best farm to factory 3/4 Slide Ferula assa-foetida From The Best Yards. best nature gifts for your better life 4/4

Collection of Plant Raw Materials

The quality of each final product is guaranteed by the use of raw materials of a standard quality, defined process of production, and validated equipment.

Persian Cumin




Damask Rose




Who are we?
How can you work with us?

See the world of ``Sina Teb Iranian Anil`` from the roof of the world. The United States imports 51,000 tons of medicinal and Herbal Aromatic plants annually and exports 13,000 tons on the other side. But the credit of import and export of these products are equal !

What better that #A_Doublle_Profit?!!!

No company can succeed at every thing. SinaTeb is a trusted partner that help you take on substantial challenges. Truly, What better than an immediate and regular supply of #Herbs #essence and #essentialoils with half cost is ?
It’s been almost two years we are working 24 hours a day at SinaTeb company to complete the year plan on schedule and gather together strong joint-partners in field of Extracts, Essence, Essential oils and etc. to half the total cost almost and how terrific it is when we are quite capable in addressing your urgent needs simply. As CEO of STIA, I am ready, willing and able to open up trade discussions over all Herbal Essences, specially our Rose Essence which is pretty popular in France Cosmetics cost-effectively!
Working with Pioneers IS OUR PRIDE !!!
E. A. Ebadi

Nuts are #Our_Celebrities !!!

From the heart of the fields to the market
That’s awesome. Unlike Europeans almost call every day for Essence and Essential oils, Our nuts are very famous in Asia, Specially Egypt. We talk about the big food industry when taking about various types of minerals are gathered together in Nuts.
They believe we provide the same quality product with a more cost-effective price. It is so believed widely since the price of work force and electricity and etc. is 0.1 of the world ( Let me reveal a big secret for you, That also is why our Essential oils and Essence cost is terrific too). Customers are my family, so why I should say ” NO ” when they wish merely for our #Door_to_Door post service ?!!

Go Global, Go Fair Trade!

Farmers’ information is posted on the company’s website as well as product packaging, and customers can interact with farmers



BetterYou is a knowledge-based international healthcare company founded in the UK in 2006 to produce the vitamins and natural supplements the body needs, which are almost neglected in today’s life. These vitamins and supplements are plant-based and their unique feature is that they are absorbed as a spray and bypassing the digestive system through the nose or mouth directly, and therefore have a very high nutritional value…

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