Joint-venture, agency contract

The export of medicinal plants in Iran in 1997 was about 570 million dollars, which shows an increase of 120 million dollars compared to the export of these products in 1996 with a figure of 450 million dollars. In 1998, these exports reached 800 million dollars, just when raw packaging was predominated, despite the fact that the origin of many important types of medicinal plants, including Damask rose, Saffron, Ferula gummosa, Ferula assa-foetida, and Licorice., is Iran .

Notably, most of the world production of these species almost exclusively is done in Iran which is an incredible potential ! Having new working solutions with us financially, the price of Electricity, work force, basic materials such as Iron and etc. is also very very low in Iran which makes investment, for locally processing the Herbal and Aromatic medicinal plants, so interesting and cost-effective. We are here to ease your mind from buying at farm, negotiation, product preparation, Cost-effective modern Processing and also standard packing to warehousing, make currency remittances, Customs and safe Transportation of the order to your destination.

We always welcome to join recognized Brands and invite new people with surprising abilities work with us. So join us and enjoy a memorable working experience. The highest profit in any international cooperation between countries is confidence