We have all heard about the properties of Tragacanth for hair and skin; Tragacanth is a shrub-shaped, thorny and short plant, and its largest volume is found in steep and mountainous areas such as Central Asia.

Of all the countries in the world, however, Iran is one of the most famous regions for the production of Tragacanth gum and in fact is known as the largest producer in the world. Tragacanth acts as a professional coolant for heatstroke and lowers body temperature. Drinking this substance also controls runny nose in children in the hot summer season. Tragacanth is a very popular plant and an alternative to chemical drugs for annoying diseases.

Tragacanth gum is a very effective way to treat urinary incontinence and helps relax urinary muscles. it is very effective for the skin and enhances beauty. Among the properties of Tragacanth for the skin, it should be said that this substance contains anti-aging properties and delays the formation of skin wrinkles. Women become weak after childbirth. Mothers who get weakness and disability after childbirth can use Tragacanth to gain physical strength in order to be able to cope with the challenges of motherhood.

Tragacanth is edible and is used in medicines and foods as an emulsifier, thickener, stabilizer and additive. You can add a lot of it to your food or your daily diet to Adjust heart rate and decrease body temperature effectively. Additionally, the paper industry, cosmetics, leather and textiles are of other industrial applications. Tragacanth is used in medicines widely in the form of usual gels, syrups, ointments and creams as a lubricant and thickener.

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